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High School Students take in Mock Collision at C2

Students around the Lakeland were recently able to see just how deadly poor decisions on the roads can be. A mock collision site was staged in the parking lot of the C2 in Bonnyville last Thursday that featured real emergency services personal interacting with some young role players. Grade 10 students were able to see the victims of the “crash” rescued, taken to a mock hospital and even pass away from their injuries.

Sam Duckett was one role player in the scene, she says her characters choices are very real dangers to young drivers today.

“I was the person who distracted the driver, I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, I was Snap Chatting. I was flown from the back seat into the front. Our car was on it’s side.”

Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority members, EMS and even some doctors from Bonnyville hospital took part in the 26 minute demonstration. Students also heard from survivors of accidents and, sadly, friends and family of those who did not survive.

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Duckett says the realism is scary but the message is one young drivers need to hear.

“It literally feels like you were in a car accident. Overall it’s an amazing thing to go and I would honestly tell everyone to go see it.”

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