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HomeNewsCold Lake council won't find path to Lakeshore dispute anytime soon

Cold Lake council won’t find path to Lakeshore dispute anytime soon

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland says he understands how fickle of a situation property rights can be. City council has heard from one resident who is upset that some buildings and fence lines around the lake are encroaching on public land on the shoreline.

“The issue here in front of us is that a resident has wanted to have a walking path or some kind of path from Horseshoe Bay all the way to Kinosoo Beach.”

The resident presented his case to town council who are not enforcing anything at this time. The province has decided to step in and has sent letters to certain homeowners around the shore. The letters ask homeowners to remove various structures like fences and docks.

Mayor Copeland says hearing anything negative about the Lakeshore area is extremely rare.

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“I’ve been the mayor since 2007 and it’s the first time in my political career that anybody has brought forward any issues in terms of having residents pull structures off of MR and ER Crown (land).”

What is certain is the issue won’t be dealt with anytime soon. Copeland hopes that an Open House will be planned in the future to see if an agreement can be found. He doesn’t believe a walking path will be built, citing the terrain as extremely challenging from a logistic point of view.

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