Bonnyville town council has decided to send a letter of support urging the province to work with Lac La Biche county on fishing regulations. Lac La Biche County has said in a letter that it is eager to work with the Environment and Parks department of the the Alberta Government in helping with conserving Northern Pike and Walleye in the region, but hopes that more knowledge from local Indigenous groups and input from communities affected will be taken into consideration.

In a letter addressed to Bonnyville town council, Lac La Biche Mayor Omer Moghrabi states a few reason for the need to talk before legislation is imposed including consulting with First Nations groups.

“For Metis and First Nations people, the proposed regulations will restrict them from using a rod and reel when fishing in season and instead mandates them to use a net. Many Metis and First Nations people in Lac La Biche County fish for subsistence or personal use, not for business. Nets capture many more fish than they would like to have, which does not promote the conservation of fish population, as intended by AEP.”

Feedback on the proposed regulations from communities will have to be quick, as the province is hoping to start enforcing the new laws in May.