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Cold Lake Marina slip rentals gets tweaked at council

Cold Lake marina slip holders will be seeing some changes in the renewal deadlines for holding their spot. Cold Lake city council has decided for the 2018 season a grace period will extend to April 15, 2018. The grace period will come with a surcharge of 15 per cent of the value of the slip. The 2018 deadline for slip renewal was March 15.

Cold Lake mayor Craig Copeland says the ruling comes from some circumstances council has heard from those who missed the deadline.

“What we’ve experienced for the last couple of years is people who are living in Arizona or whatever, have had a lot of health issues with some long time residents with boat slips and they’ve missed the deadline.”

Future years will see an April 1st date for dues. Those who do not renew by the 15 day grace period will lose their spot to an already 300 person-strong waiting list.

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Copeland knows that the decision may anger those who are waiting for a spot, but says the bigger job down the line will be making the marina bigger to supply demand.

“I know many people, many of my friends are on the waiting list so I get it. A bigger issue is we need to figure out a way to expand that marina. I think that is the ultimate way that council wants to go. We need to figure out a way to increase that by 300 to 500 boats.”

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