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Roadside cleanup could get your group bucks: MD

As the snow melts and spring slowly arrives around the MD of Bonnyville, an opportunity for local non-profit groups around the Lakeland is also beginning. The MD waste department is again giving groups a chance to earn some bucks and clean up the municipality.

Brad Ollen is the Waste Management Supervisor with the MD, and he says the whole program began as a way to help both the MD and local local groups.

“It began as a way for non-profit groups to raise a little money. They developed the roadside cleanup program, they would go out and clean ditches of road waste. The groups are paid on how wide, and how dirty the ditch was.”

Rate of pay can vary, from $40 to even $100 per kilometre depending on the roads. Ollen says interest parties can apply either by phone or email.

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“Best way is to contact me at the shop or email. We can try and squeeze you in. We did 25 groups last year for 335 kilometres.”

Ollen says so far 14 groups have stepped up to the plate.

“The need is there, it just depends on if the groups are willing to participate in the program. I assume we’ll hit 25 again.”

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