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Update – M.D sets date for first open house on Highways 28 and 41 A.S.P

Updated March 12th, 2018

The M.D of Bonnyville has set a date for the public to give their opinion on a plan for sections of Highways 28 and 41. April 5th has been announced as the date for the first open house, where any members of the public who are affected by the Area Structure Plan or just those interested in the study can find out more from members of Planning and Development as well as Stantec Consulting employees.  The open house will start at 5:30 pm at the Bonnyville Seniors Drop-in Centre. More information can be found at the M.D website.


The M.D of Bonnyville is starting to get down to business on an area structure plan for highways 28 and 41. The plan will help hash out any future development for land around 1 mile from the highways, from the north of Bonnyville, east to Fort Kent and south of La Corey. Stantec Consulting is the firm that will be responsible for gathering the research.

Caroline Palmer is Director of Planning and Development with the M.D, she says the plan will help in many ways.

“So what this does, is it helps us deal with future land uses, population densities, general location of transportation. It may even be used for future public utilities. Ultimately it just gives us a guideline on how we can move forward and with what type of uses.”

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The project is set to completed in four phases, including initiation, a “where are we now?” phase , a “where are we going” phase, and the finalization of the A.S.P that will include details on how future projects could be achieved.

The M.D is interest to hear from the public. Open houses have been in the planning stage, with the earliest due to come in April. Palmer says the meetings will be worth the visit for those affected.

“We’re hoping for beginning of April. What these are generally geared for is a full information meeting. Any concerns people may have, how it may affect them, this is a place you’ll want to go to once it’s announced.”

Palmer says the best place to keep up to date with any news on the ASP is on the M.D website.

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