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Bonnyville elementary school sends out “no device” email

Duclos elementary school in Bonnyville is letting parents know that smartphones and hand-held devices shouldn’t be coming to school. They’ve sent out an email to parents saying that any technology needed to help learning will be provided by the school, and devices used at home should stay there.

Nicole Garner is Communications Director for the Northern Lights Public School Division, she says the message was one of many the school sends out in the school year.

“We send out lots of messages throughout the school year, little reminders. This was just a little reminder for parents about what the schools rules are on cellphones and electronic devices.”

The email sent out read in part:

“In most circumstances elementary students do not need cell phones or SMART phones at school or carried with them during the school day. Generally, elementary students are not to use personal cell phones for text messaging or making / receiving calls during school hours. Use of smart phones, game devices, IPods, etc. may be appropriate for rides to and from school (such as for listening to music), but the use of such devices at recesses and during the school day is not allowed.”

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“If a student must have a device at school, please let the teacher know. The teacher can store the device safely during the school day.  Devices are not to be carried around by the child during the school day. If a device is used inappropriately students will have it held by staff until home time or until picked up by a parent.”

“Duclos students may use school phones in the event of an emergency or important matter.  Use of school phones requires permission from the child’s teacher.  Students can be reached at the school number (780-826-3992) if there is an emergency.”

Garner says if there is a need for technology to help with schooling, the school will provide it. “At some schools it would be Ipads or Chromebooks to do something instructional, we would provide that. They don’t need any devices at school to complete assignments at the elementary level.”

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