The World Professional Chuckwagon Association has released a statement on the loss of Bonnyville as a tour stop in 2018. In the statement available here, the association says tarp sponsorship and costs were the primary concern for the negotiations. They go on to say they offered the Bonnyville Ag Society four contract ideas to keep the event on, but all four were declined.

The WPCA chuckwagon races are leaving Bonnyville and will be replaced by a CPCA chuckwagon event in June. Tina Kissel was the chuckwagon chair on the Bonnyville Pro Rodeo and Chuckwagon Association. She released a statement on her personal Facebook page.

Kissel wouldn’t comment further on the matter. The Bonnyville Ag Society was also unavailable for comment.

A statement from the WPCA regarding the move is expected to be available to fans on their website soon. The Bonnyville Pro Rodeo is scheduled for the July 27th weekend in 2018.