The new town hall in Bonnyville is on schedule to open early and on budget. The new building is set to have a move-in date of late February/ early March. Bill Rogers is the C.A.O for the town of Bonnyville, he says the move had some history behind it.

“This is something that council has talked about for many years, going back at least 4 years that I can recall. What was driving it was issues with the current building. Its showing it’s age. There’s numerous problems that we would have to sink money into to fix. It was a question of whether or not it was worth it.”

Originally the building was set to open in June, but Rogers says things are rolling along nicely.
“It looks like of the original budget, we’re definitely on budget and may be under. We’re definitively on time. It looks like we’re gonna be in by March of 2018 with just a couple of minor adjustments.”

Rogers expects the new town hall will be officially opened with a ceremony. “Council definitely does want to open the new town hall with a public event. It will probably be later on when the snow is gone and we’ve had a chance to get settled in.”