With winter temperatures and wind chill factors dipping below -30 in the Lakeland, the Humane Society is reminding pet owners that if it’s cold for you, it’s cold for your pets too. Nicole Mbanefo is the animal care supervisor at the society, and she says knowing your pet is a good start.

“There are many different breeds of dogs and cats, it really depends on the animal. There are a lot of breeds with heavier coats that can stand it a little bit longer outside.”

She says that seeing certain signs in behavior will tell you when our pet is getting chilly. “One of the biggest, easiest signs is picking up their feet. they’ll start to whine, sometimes they’ll even lie down and not want to walk anymore. they usually give you pretty clear indicators that they are cold.”

She adds that felines have it a little tougher in the cold weather. “Cats are a little more prone to getting frostbite, especially on the ears and tails.”

Pet owners who want to learn more about proper winter care of their pets are encouraged to have a look online or stop by the Humane Society.