Northern Lights Public Schools is looking for feedback on a pair of draft calendars for the 2018-2019 school year. They were both approved in principle by the Board of Trustees last month and have been sent to parents, staff, students and the community for input.

The biggest difference between the two calendars is that one includes a week-long Fall Break right after Remembrance Day. It uses the statutory holiday, the day in lieu of parent-teacher interviews, and three Family Fridays from elsewhere in the year.

Both calendars see school start after Labour Day and end on June 27th. The school district has also tried to line up all no school days with the separate school system, other than the proposed Fall Break.

The two calendars have 180 instructional days, as well as Family Days. However, they don’t have any half days or early dismissals.

The school board wants to hear which calendar people prefer, and what they like and dislike about each. The final draft could look different based on public opinion. Thoughts should be emailed to before February 16th.