The plane’s engine and flight controls were working normally before the fatal crash at the 2016 Cold Lake Air Show. The Transportation Safety Board has released a brief on its investigation on the July 17th crash, which killed pilot Bruce Evans.

The T-28 Trojan plane was about 500 feet above ground level when it entered a roll. As it turned upside down, the roll stopped and the nose pitched downwards. The plane was near vertical when it hit the ground at a high velocity and was destroyed by the impact.

Composite image of two photographs taken three minutes apart. The upper portion of the image was photographed just prior to impact, and the lower portion during the emergency response, TSB

The TSB says all regular air show procedures were followed before the flight, along with the emergency response plan. The plane had been inspected in April 2016 and no defects were found. Weather conditions were also not considered a factor.

The remainder of the 2016 event was cancelled after the incident. Plans are already in place for the next one in 2018.