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The Municipal District of Bonnyville Passes 2015 Budget

***PRESS RELEASE M.D. of Bonnyville Council passes 2015 budget

$49.3 million allocated to road maintenance and improvements The Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved a balanced $109,886,246 budget on Wednesday, April 8th, 2015.

Reeve Ed Rondeau says the 2015 budget demonstrates that Council manages the municipality’s tax dollars in a frugal manner which provides the best bang for the buck. Council continues to aggressively improve and rebuild the municipality’s road network. “Council has balanced road priorities with other lifestyle improvements such as recreation, waste management, supporting Community Halls, upgrading our hamlets, cost sharing with neighbouring urban municipalities, and expanding services to residents.”

For the municipal portion of the tax bill, Council agreed to keep the Residential mill rate at 2.7663, the Farm mill rate at 5.0000 and the Non-Residential mill rate at 15.5000.

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Reeve Rondeau says“Mill rates remain the same as last year, however residents will see an increase in their tax bill as it reflects the increase in market value of properties in the M.D. in 2014. There are areas where market value has gone up greater than the average in the M.D. Lower market values of properties in 2015 will show up in the 2016 tax year as our assessment is always one year behind.” Council’s top priority for 2015 is again road maintenance and construction Rondeau said. “Last year was a good year in terms of road construction. All we need is for Mother Nature to continue cooperating and we will have another successful year.”

A total of $34.6 million has been put towards road improvements and construction for gravel, oiled, and paved roads and local bridge improvements. Another $14.7 million has been allocated to gravel and oiled road maintenance. “By putting $49.3 million into roads: which includes $15.1 million for gravel roads; $8.8 million for oiled roads; $6.6 million for paved roads; $1 million for bridge improvements; $14.7 million for gravel/oil road maintenance and $3 million for Ardmore Street Improvements Phase III,

Council is continuing to attack the M.D.’s road deficit,” Rondeau said. “Major road projects also include Gurneyville Phase II at $4.5 million (with $350,000 coming from the M.D.’s Community Partnership Fund to upgrade the Town of Bonnyville’s portion of the road), Range Road 485A base paving in a fifty/fifty partnership with Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) at a cost of $3.3 million and Subdivision Improvements at $1 million.” The budget also includes $3.7 million for Public Works Equipment.

Other 2015 budget items include:

  • Agricultural Services $1.9 million
  • Landfill Operations $2.5 million
  • La Corey Fire Hall/Grader Shop $2.2 million
  • Proposed Public Safety building at $2.2 million
  • Goodridge Rescue Truck and Cold Lake Tanker $600,000
  • School Requisitions $12.5 million
  • Lakeland Lodge & Housing requisition $300,000
  • Community Halls receive a total of $750,000, witheach hall getting an annual $35,000 Operating Grant.

The Regional Community Development Agreement totals $1.1 million, with $929,426 distributed to the Town of Bonnyville and $136,657 earmarked to the Village of Glendon. Funding for the Bonnyville and District Centennial Centre is $1 million. The provincial grant for libraries increased this year, enabling the M.D. to give $159,430.40 to the Bonnyville and District Library and $74,912.80 to the Cold Lake Library, with a one-time extra grant of $15,022.20 and $7,058.60 respectively. The agricultural societies in the three urban centres – Cold Lake, Bonnyville and Glendon – receive $20,000 each for a total of $60,000. The Cold Lake and Bonnyville museums receive $17,500 each. The Seniors Transportation Grant continues to be funded with a grant of $60,000.

Rondeau says Council’s priority is to deliver services to M.D. residents. As a member of our integrated community, the M.D. collaborates and partners with community organizations and neighbouring municipalities to enhance services for all residents throughout the region.

This year’s revenues are to be funded by $6.67 million in provincial grants, which includes a slight increase in MSI funding for a total of $4.8 million in capital and $167,000 in operating grants. Revenues also include $73.63 million in taxes, $12.48 million from M.D. general revenues and $17.11 million in transfers from surplus.

Rondeau said now that the budget is passed, the combined Tax and Assessment notices will be sent out May 29. He urged residents to review their tax notice carefully. If residents have any questions regarding their tax notice, they are asked to contact the M.D. Tax Department at 780.826.3171. If residents have any questions specifically about their assessments, please contact the M.D. Assessment Department at 780.826.3171

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