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Overnight Crime Spree Starts in Lac La Biche, Ends in Wetaskiwin

More details have surfaced regarding Friday’s incident in Lac La Biche that resulted in the suspects fleeing all the way to Wetaskiwin before being caught.

Lac La Biche RCMP say things began at around 10:30 on Thursday night.  A vehicle with several people inside drove into a parking lot near an apartment complex and fired two shots at two other vehicles. All three then left the parking lot and the police couldn’t find them. They say there’s no evidence anyone was hurt in the shooting.

This then led to an armed gas station robbery around 1:30 in the morning in Redwater.  A vehicle matching the description of the one at the Lac La Biche incident was spotted at the crime.  Several people demanded money from a person who was outside the station and reportedly pointed a gun at them. When the person refused their demands they drove off. Redwater RCMP engaged in a brief pursuit with the suspects then called it off.

That wasn’t the end though. Police then got a report of another attempted armed robbery just outside of the town.  A man who was pulled over to the side in his vehicle was confronted by several suspects with guns who shot him in the arm in attempt to steal his car. Once again the suspects were unable to successfully pull the robbery off and fled. The victim was transported to an Edmonton hospital where he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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Edmonton Police Services eventually got back on the scent of the suspects and engaged in a pursuit, with several RCMP units joining in as the chase traveled south. The suspects eventually abandoned the vehicle north of Wetaskiwin and tried to flee on foot. However they weren’t able to get too far before police rounded up all five of them.

Police also came across another vehicle believed to be associated with the crime spree in some capacity at a perimeter checkpoint they established. During this encounter an officer fired their gun but the suspect was unharmed. The suspect was taken into custody.

Both the vehicles involved in the incident were stolen; one from Caslan  and one from Devon.

All the suspects are from Lac La Biche and the surrounding area and range from 16 to 33 years-old.

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