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Glendon Derby Draws 3000

The Glendon Agricultural Society says this year’s demolition derby and Mud Bogs were a success, drawing a crowd similar to last year around 3000 or so people.

“It is an affordable event for everybody, especially families. That’s one thing I liked about it,” says Society Treasurer Gwen Tarlson.

Fifteen drivers competed in the derby, which Tarlson says had some of the largest prize money up for grabs in Alberta. Each of the top three drivers in both the car and truck categories went home with a four figure sum while prize money for mud bogs ranged from between 100 to 500 dollars.

The winners in each category are below:

Derby – Cars Category

1st: Dave Kemsley – $4000

2nd: Neil Wynacht – $2000

3rd: Brian Thacker – $1000

4th: Ben L’Hirandelle Jr. – $500


Derby – Trucks Category

1st: Chase Burshtinski – $4000

2nd: Adam Ching – $2000

3rd: Dakota Theroux – $1000

4th: Dave Pattison – $500

Mud Bogs – Stock Class


1st: Gerry Gamache – $500

2nd: Ben Dyck – $250

Mud Bogs – Mod Class


1st: Darren Gaulin – $500

2nd: Robert Livingston – $250

3rd: Hayden Luciak – $100

Mud Bogs – Super Mod Class


1st: Sheldon Luciak – $500

2nd: Robert Gamache – $250

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