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Woman Steals Broken Steam Cleaner From Bonnyville Business

Staff at Direct Drug Testing in Bonnyville say their steam cleaner was stolen today, but they won’t miss it too much.

“It’s a pretty normal afternoon when I hear some footsteps at the back door,” says employee Ashley Robson. “It’s only staff that comes in the back door. If there’s a medical booked a nurse will come in through the back door, but nothing like that was booked so there shouldn’t have been any footsteps back there.

“I went back to check and didn’t see anybody. I open up the back door and I see this woman walking down the street with a steam cleaner on her back and a bottle of cleaning solution. I turned and looked and saw that ours was missing. I didn’t really know what to say. I just yelled ‘Hey what are you doing!’ She turns back and looks at me and starts running down the street with it.”

While a steam cleaner can be an expensive item to replace, Robson says in this case they weren’t too worried about losing it.

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“At this point I remind myself ‘Oh my gosh, you know what? The steam cleaner’s broken.’ It doesn’t even work. We’ve been meaning to get it fixed. I just thought ‘Wow that’s kind of karma isn’t it?’ She just went through all this work carrying it down the street and it doesn’t even work.”

Robson says since the woman fled on foot they drove around the neighbourhood to see if they could find her. Eventually they did and confronted her. Robson says the woman denied the whole incident, saying her twin stole it (who was apparently wearing the exact same clothes.)

The steam cleaner is still missing, but Robson is not too concerned about it.

“She can keep our broken steam cleaner.”

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