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New program promotes quicker recovery after surgery

A new project from Alberta Health Services is working to promote quicker recovery after surgery.

A new implemented project with AHS’s  Strategic Clinical Networks aims to help surgery patients get back on their feet sooner while shortening hospital stays and reducing complications after surgery.

Worldwide, The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols have reduced complications after colorectal surgery by up to half, and have decreased hospital stays by a third.

“More important than that is we use techniques during the surgery that minimize pain but also minimizes nausea afterwards. So when they wake up from surgery they are allowed to eat right away. Traditionally, people have gone several days after an operation without eating anything but now they will wake up and can eat within a few hours,” explains Surgeon and Co-lead for the project Michael Chatnay.

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The ERAS project standardizes care before, during and after surgery.

Chatnay notes the program draws from best practices around the world, and improves protocols related to nutrition, mobility after surgery, anesthetics and pain control.


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