Dr. Bernard Brosseau School is trying to get nearly 140,000 dollars together to build a new accessible playground for children who need wheelchairs, have autism or other needs.

The middle school decided to start on the initiative after learning that they’d be taking in a student who would like access to such a playground next year. Duclos has an accessible playground, but is on the other side of town and having one at Brosseau would bring more children with special needs within walking distance of one.

Although the playground will be designed with special needs in mind, it will be more than just that. The structure is designed so that students of all abilities will find it enjoyable. It will include features that accommodate those with limited mobility, but also those with challenges regarding strength, coordination, grip and sensory issues.

The school approached the town of Bonnyville asking for them to cover 15,000 dollars of the 138,609.45 dollar price tag. They are looking at getting the same amount from the MD, 50,000 in grant money, 3,000 from the student union, 7,000 in PAC fundraising and another fifty grand in private donations to make the playground a reality.

The town responded enthusiastically to the request, but encouraged the delegation to find funding through more grants before they would give the money.