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Cold Lake to Annex Land From MD of Bonnyville

The City of Cold Lake’s borders are set to grow, having reached an agreement with the MD of Bonnyville to annex some nearby land from them.

The agreement will see the “neck” of land that connects Cold Lake North and South together thickened up, annexing stretches of territory on both sides of it. The land is expected to be officially turned over to Cold Lake on January 1st, 2018 with the MD receiving half a million dollars in compensation.

“The Municipal District of Bonnyville is pleased the annexation negotiations have culminated with an agreement that met both municipalities’ concerns,” says M.D. Reeve Ed Rondeau. “M.D. Council has signed the annexation agreement to support continued growth in the region.”

Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland is pleased with the deal too. “This agreement represents the outcome of very hard work between neighbours. We feel that everyone’s interests were heard and respected, and we know that the result will benefit our region as it continues to grow in the years ahead.”

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Residents in the annexed area who will soon become Cold Lakers will get a pretty nice deal out of the package too. For the next fifty years after the annexation is done (until 2068) their property will still be assessed for taxes as though it were in the MD and they’ll pay property taxes at either the MD’s or Cold Lake’s, whichever one is lower.

The annexation is a long time coming. Negotiations to transfer the land over began in 2013. Cold Lake wants the land to accommodate growth over the next fifty years and to better deliver services.

“We thank Reeve Rondeau and his Council for working with us on this agreement,” Copeland said. “Ultimately, we all have the future of our region in mind and I am confident the agreement reflects that fact.”

Additional consultation will take place with both the affected property owners and the public at large. The dates and means of consultation will be advertised once scheduled.

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