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Municipal Grants For Bonnyville SPCA Denied

The SPCA presented to both the town and MD of Bonnyville last month hoping an annual grant of 25,000 dollars from each. Both governments have turned down the request.

“When they made their presentation the SPCA gave us a financial statement,” town CAO Mark Power explained to council on Tuesday. “A cursory review shows that the casino revenue they get is every year and a half instead of every year. Their financial statement indicated they basically broke even with a small deficit in 2016. Had their revenue they received from the casino been recognized over a year and a half instead having it all in one year, they would have deferred 15 or 16 thousand dollars and they’d have a much larger deficit. Could have been as high as eighteen and a half to twenty thousand dollars.

“So they would have needed -if we were splitting it with the M.D – about ten thousand dollars in order to break even.”

With this in mind, the town awarded them a one time grant in that amount. With an election coming in October, council did not wish to commit future governments to anything.

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The M.D did not provide any funds at all, citing that it was not approved in the current budget.

“We decided we’d give Bonnyville, Cold Lake and Glendon X numbers of dollars every year for this type of thing.” said Councillor Don Sinclair. “We were promised that we wouldn’t be dealing with these things every meeting so we could get down to business the M.D is supposed to be running and rightfully so. I really can’t support them on that basis.”

Sinclair was referring to the IMCP grant, which the MD gives to surrounding municipalities every year.

That doesn’t mean the Bonnyville SPCA hasn’t been getting any kind of money at all from either government. The town pays a fee every time they drop off a dog or cat with them and the M.D does the same just for dogs. There was talk at the M.D meeting of increasing that fee but nothing concrete was decided on.

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